The Complete PGP Encryption Tutorial | Gpg4win & GnuPG

Key Points

  1. Download and install the latest version of Gpg4win
  2. Create a new key pair
  3. Look at the advanced settings
  4. Export the public key
  5. Open the key with notepad
  6. Export the secret key
  7. Import a public key into Kleaopatra into the imported certificates tab
  8. Encrypt with the public of a person
  9. Encrypt a file with a public key someone sent you by R-clicking on the file
  10. Paste the encrypted data in your clipboard to a notepad document
  11. Send the encrypted message to the owner of the public used to encrypt the data.
  12. With the encrypted message on the clipboard, R-click the Kleaopatra icon on the system tray and choose decrypt
  13. Copy the decrypted message on your clipboard to a new document in notepad.

How to Encrypt Email in Kleopatra

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