How to work in cloud security | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Menachem Shafran of XM Cyber talks about cloud security. Menachem tells us about the work of project manager and product manager, how the haste to migrate to the cloud can unnecessarily leave vulnerabilities wide open and why a cloud security expert also needs to be a good storyteller.

0:00 – Intro
2:40 – Getting into cybersecurity
5:47 – Project manager in cybersecurity
9:12 – Identifying pain points
10:24 – Working as a VP of product
14:09 – Data breaches
16:30 – Critical versus non-critical data breaches
18:19 – Attacker’s market
19:38 – How do we secure the cloud?
22:45 – A safer cycle of teams
24:40 – How to implement cybersecurity changes
28:50 – How to work in cloud security
30:48 – A good cloud security resume
33:02 – Work from home and cloud security
34:30 – XM Cyber’s services
37:21 – Learn more about Menachem
38:00 – Outro

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How to work in cloud security | Cyber Work Podcast – Infosec (

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