2 February, 2022 22:05

With cyberattacks on the rise, professionals who can keep an organization’s networks, applications, and data safe are in high demand. The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) exam is the perfect opportunity for IT professionals to demonstrate their cybersecurity skills to current and future employers. In this course, Pete Zerger helps you deepen your knowledge of Azure security as you study for the “Implement Platform Protection” domain of the AZ-500 exam. Pete demonstrates how to implement advanced network security, including how to create and configure Microsoft Azure Firewall and implement service and private endpoints. Plus, he covers other important topics like hardening your IaaS, containerized, and serverless workloads in Azure, policy-based management of resource access and security, as well as data encryption in-transit and at rest.


AZ-500 Cert Prep 2- Implement Platform Protection Completed 2-2-22.pdf

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